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William Goodell Frost Papers



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William Goodell Frost Papers | Berea College Special Collections and Archives Catalog

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Collection Overview

Title: William Goodell Frost PapersAdd to your cart.View associated digital content.

Predominant Dates:1860-1894

ID: RG 03/3.03

Primary Creator: Frost, William G. -- (William Goodell) -- 1854-1938

Other Creators: Hutchins Library

Extent: 21.4 Linear Feet

Arrangement: Arrangement of the collection is in series: Personal; Correspondence; Sermons, Addresses, and Lectures;Writings; Day Law; Reports; Eleanor Marsh Frost; Miscellaneous; and Photographs.

Subjects: African Americans -- Appalachian Region., Appalachian Region, Southern -- History., Appalachian Region, Southern -- Study and teaching (Higher) -- History -- 20th century., Appalachian Region -- Economic Conditions., Appalachian Region -- History, Appalachian Region., Berea, (Ky.), Berea College, Education, higher -- Administration., Education, Higher -- Appalachian Region -- History., Frost, Eleanor Marsh., Frost, Maria Goodell., Frost, William G. -- (William Goodell) -- 1854-1938, Kentucky Day Law., Minorities -- Education -- United States., Oberlin College.

Languages: English


Frost, a native of LeRoy, New York, was an 1876 graduate of Oberlin College and taught Greek at him alma materfrom 1876 through 1892. Having refused the presidency of Berea College in 1889, Frost reconsidered theappointment after the resignation of William B. Stewart.  Frost was inaugurated in 1892 and served as presidentuntil 1920. Frost is credited with being chiefly responsible for the significant growth of Berea College during thisperiod. His term saw enrollment rise from 350 in 1912 to 2400 in 1920, and the College’s endowment increasefrom $1,000,000 to $3,500,000 over the same period. He was also responsible for re-directing the school'smission from that of coeducation of blacks and whites to one which focused on educating "AppalachianAmericans", a term he is credited with popularizing. This shift took place contemporaneously with passage ofthe Kentucky Day Law (1904) which forbade integration of blacks and whites within single institutions. Thisresulted in removal of black students from the college and the establishment by Berea of the Lincoln Institute inLouisville, a separate school solely for blacks.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection consists of official and personal papers of, William Goodell Frost, who served as BereaCollege's third president from 1892 to 1920. The Frost papers include personal and official correspondence; sermons, addresses, and lectures; manuscript writings; diaries; reports; photographs; and papers of Frost's wife, Eleanor Marsh Frost. The papers provide important documentation of Frost's life, racial issues in Kentucky, and on the history of Berea College.

Collection Historical Note

Third president of Berea College

Subject/Index Terms

African Americans -- Appalachian Region.
Appalachian Region, Southern -- History.
Appalachian Region, Southern -- Study and teaching (Higher) -- History -- 20th century.
Appalachian Region -- Economic Conditions.
Appalachian Region -- History
Appalachian Region.
Berea, (Ky.)
Berea College
Education, higher -- Administration.
Education, Higher -- Appalachian Region -- History.
Frost, Eleanor Marsh.
Frost, Maria Goodell.
Frost, William G. -- (William Goodell) -- 1854-1938
Kentucky Day Law.
Minorities -- Education -- United States.
Oberlin College.

Administrative Information

Repository: Berea College Special Collections and Archives Catalog

Access Restrictions: Records can be accessed through the Reading Room, Berea College Special Collections and Archives, Hutchins Library, Berea College.

Use Restrictions: There are no restrictions on the collection other than federal copyright regulations.   Cite all references to the material in this collection.

Preferred Citation: [Item description], W. G. Frost Papers, Berea College Archives, BCA RG 03/3.03, Berea College Special Collections & Archives, Berea, KY.

Finding Aid Revision History: The finding aid was updated from previous versions in June 2014 by Lori Myers-Steele, Project Archivist. The box list was created by Katie L. Grindstaff, Student Associate Archivist.

Other Note: The online version of content from this collection is available on-campus to Berea College students, staff, and faculty through the Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice, 1490-2007 database by Adam Matthew.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Personal],
[Series 2: Correspondence],
[Series 3: Sermons, Addresses, and Lectures],
[Series 4: Writings],
[Series 5: Day Law],
[Series 6: Reports],
[Series 7: Eleanor Marsh Frost],
[Series 8: Miscellaneous],
[Series 9: Photographs],

Series 3: Sermons, Addresses, and LecturesAdd to your cart.
Materials in this series consist of hand and typewritten drafts, printed copies, and newspaper clippings of Frost's speeches, addresses, and lectures.  Documents provide insight into his teaching career at Oberlin, his theological and philosophical attitudes, and his administration of Berea College in an era of expanding programs.  Arrangement is chronological.
Box 14Add to your cart.View associated digital content.
Folder 1: Frost - Sermons, Addresses and Lectures, undated,1893-1905Add to your cart.
Handwritten and Typed
Folder 2: Frost - Sermons, Addresses and Lectures, 1906-1913Add to your cart.
Handwritten and Typed
Folder 3: Frost - Sermons, Addresses and Lectures, 1914-1920Add to your cart.
Handwritten  and
Box 15Add to your cart.View associated digital content.
Folder 1: Frost- Sermons, Addresses, Lectures, 1893-1929, n.d.Add to your cart.
Berea College Publications (undated filed first)
Folder 2: Frost - Sermons, Addresses, Lectures, nd, 1881-1931Add to your cart.
Other than Berea College Publications
Folder 3: Frost- Sermons, Addresses, LecturesAdd to your cart.
News Clippings
Folder 4: A Personal Word, 1895-1897Add to your cart.
Folder 5: Promotional Pamphlet - Three Lessons for Sunday School, 1890sAdd to your cart.
Folder 6: Daniel K. Pearsons, 1820-1912, May 1912Add to your cart.
A Memorial Address
Folder 7: Address to High School Graduates, Toledo, Ohio, 1894Add to your cart.
Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7Cbd33e054-b55a-4189-89ba-7dc3fa11008d/
Folder 8: Address to High School Graduates, Ashland, KYAdd to your cart.
Folder 9: Sectional Lines, A Toast, 1895Add to your cart.
Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7C4d8ee89b-2f3a-4086-beda-212734d7d2dd/
Folder 10: For Berea College Meeting at The Old South Church, January 14, 1900Add to your cart.

Boston. Addresses by C.W. Eliot, L.L.D.; Rev. E. Winchester Donald, D.D.; William Goodell Frost, Ph.D.; Rev. George A. Gordon, D.D.

Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7Cecf4962e-ca76-4ef6-8a5e-4b3daa8745d7/

Folder 11: Freely ye have received, freely give, 1902Add to your cart.
Sermon to graduates. Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7Ccbff70d5-0d45-42e6-b943-42ba5265c599/
Folder 12: Nail and Hammer Sermon No. 1, September 25, 1910Add to your cart.
Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7C80b0c9d1-cd02-4201-9abc-1da9b802c30f/
Folder 13: Nail and Hammer Sermon No. 2, October 2, 1910Add to your cart.
Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7Ca9660e58-3317-4332-9b9b-315242e74ffc/
Folder 14: Nail and Hammer Sermon No. 3, October 9, 1910Add to your cart.
Link to digital image:https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7C27e54dee-fbb3-4344-a93f-05897c78c42d/
Folder 15: Discoveries in EducationAdd to your cart.

"at Harlan Court House on invitation of Commercial Club. Predicts Mountain Progress and Points the Way"

Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7C8a52df5d-746b-4328-886f-e9d59312fe6c/

Folder 16: The Treasures of Youth, September 15, 1912Add to your cart.

Sermon, United Chapel

Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7Ce30a644e-3cc3-435d-bcaa-53fbb9e94abe/

Folder 17: The Pearl of Great Price, January 12, 1913Add to your cart.

Sermon by President Frost at the Opening of the Gospel Meetings

Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7C7e1d1af1-2fc6-4324-bfe5-bbe1371ef959/

Folder 18: Effective Speeches, 1913Add to your cart.

Selected by President Frost and Presented to Berea Graduates of 1913.

Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7C52cdf76a-fd49-4703-bfef-5b896162448a/

Folder 19: For Our Southern Mountaineers, February 24, 1915Add to your cart.
Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7Cd62ee9b2-1494-4fdf-ae27-c75ae698d1ff/
Folder 20: The Transmission of Ideals, June 6, 1915Add to your cart.

Sermon to Graduates.

Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7C47615f89-b16f-479b-aeb6-d07424051cac/

Folder 21: Twenty-five Years at Berea, June 3, 1917Add to your cart.

Sermon to graduates.

Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7C42004e9b-11c1-4f02-a595-f9190a8dce49/

Folder 22: An Educational Institution to Fit, January 1920Add to your cart.

Convocation Address, Berea College

Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7C624be2e2-720a-4f29-a7a9-71ce7b5be79d/

Folder 23: Address of W. G. Frost and W.J. Hutchins, Inauguration, October 22, 1920Add to your cart.
Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7C4df27532-d801-4cbe-bc7c-bfa1f6f97a40/
Folder 24: For the Mountains - Our Aims Strategic Principles, 1920Add to your cart.
Adresses at Knoxville Mountain Workers Conference. Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7Ca4cd86f0-ea91-4779-95ee-1a31b2ffd3e9/
Folder 25: For The Mountains Address at Knoxville Mountain Workers ConferenceAdd to your cart.
Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7C188e6743-372e-4a31-a93b-c345f0cc8736/
Folder 26: Our Responsibility For Good Rulers, August 5, 1923Add to your cart.

Sermon on the Death of President Harding, Union Church

Lonk to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7C8c9abdae-bc63-4af7-a5f3-b39f4935705f/

Folder 27: Gertrude Peck Todd Memorial Address, January 1924Add to your cart.
Union Church House. Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7C42c03623-54b9-4596-8857-1207c6b10e03/
Folder 28: Religion And Evolution, July 26, 1925Add to your cart.
Folder 29: Eight Berea Heroes: God's Doing on Berea Ridge, 1926Add to your cart.

Thanksgiving Sermon.

Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7C9c6411df-c49b-42cf-ab70-0eaa8244344a/

Folder 30: Our Heroes, Mark Them Well, May 26, 1929Add to your cart.

For the Grand Army: Frost's address on the occassion of the Union Service for the G.A.R.

Link to digital image: https://berea.access.preservica.com/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile%7C44b1ba27-802c-4aef-bb86-a62d67a30098/

Folder 31: Our Contemporary Ancestors in the Southern Mountains, 1899Add to your cart.
reprint taken from the Atlantic Monthly, March 1899
Folder 32: The Southern Mountaineer: Our Kindred of the Boon and Lincoln Type, March, 1900Add to your cart.
Folder 33: Lincoln Lecture - Announcement Card and Lincoln PledgeAdd to your cart.

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Personal],
[Series 2: Correspondence],
[Series 3: Sermons, Addresses, and Lectures],
[Series 4: Writings],
[Series 5: Day Law],
[Series 6: Reports],
[Series 7: Eleanor Marsh Frost],
[Series 8: Miscellaneous],
[Series 9: Photographs],

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