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Pine Mountain Settlement School Records



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Pine Mountain Settlement School Records, 1913-1984 | Berea College Special Collections and Archives Catalog

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Collection Overview

Title: Pine Mountain Settlement School Records, 1913-1984Add to your cart.

Primary Creator: Pine Mountain Settlement School (Pine Mountain, Ky).

Extent: 46.0 Boxes (General). More info below.


The collection is arranged in two parts and further arranged in series as follows:

Part A: Selected Records, 1911-1983 (95 Reels of Microfilm)

Series 1: Board of Trustees, Minutes and Reports, 1913-83

Series 2: Director’s Office Files, 1911-49

Subseries A: Correspondence, 1916-49

Subseries B: Subject Files, 1911-49

Series 3: Student Records, c.1919-49 (Contains RESTRICTED records)

Series 4: Library Files, 1911-83

Part B: Selected Photographs, c.1864-1984 (3685 Photo-reproductions)

Series 1: Kendall Basset Album

Series 2: Buildings and Campus

Series 3: Campus Life

Series 4: Christmas

Series 5: Environmental Education

Series 6: Friends and Neighbors

Series 7: Life and Works

Series 8: Special Events

Series 9: Students

Series 10: Workers

Series 11: Pine Mountain Early Days

Series 12: Helen DeLong’s Photographs

Series 13: Arthur Dodd Photographs

Series 14: Harmon Foundation Movie Stills, 1942

Series 15: Little Laurel and Line Fork Extension Centers

Series 16: Ethel McCullough Photographs

Series 17: Margaret Motter Photographs

Series 18: Katherine True Photographs, 1923

Series 19: Scenery

Subjects: Education -- Kentucky -- Harlan County, Harlan County (Ky.) -- History., Pine Mountain Settlement School (Pine Mountain, Ky.)., Rural schools -- Kentucky -- History.

Languages: English


Kentuckian Katherine Pettit and Smith College Graduate Ethel DeLong finalized the incorporation of Pine Mountain Settlement School (Harland County, Kentucky) in 1913. Land for the school was donated by William and Sally Dixon Creech, early settlers who wanted wider educational opportunities for area children. Katherine Pettit had helped found Hindman Settlement School in 1902. As stated in its Article of Incorporation, the purpose of Pine Mountain Settlement School was to provide an education that focused on “industrial, intellectual and moral training ….dominated by a Christian spirit and influences but entirely free from anything of a sectarian or denominational character.”

The first classes were held in an open-sided schoolroom and housing was makeshift. However, with the help of architect, Mary Rockwell Hook, buildings of native stone and wood were soon constructed. (Several of Mrs. Hook’s buildings were still in use in 1980).

From the beginning, the school produced much of its own food, provided its own electricity, heat, recreation and entertainment. Until 1949, Pine Mountain was a boarding school. Students were required to work in order to help run the school, meet their educational expenses, and develop useful skills. The school also encouraged the learning and sharing of traditional music and dance. The academic program was a standard one for its time. However, many of the teachers attracted to the school were above average in education and interest in educating the whole person.

Community health services included vaccination, trachoma, dental, and maternity clinics. Health education was carried on in rural schools and extension centers that also offered homemaker’s groups, community recreation, and Sunday Schools.

Death and / or retirement of the founders brought Glyn Morris to the directorship in 1931. Instead of solving socioeconomic problems with special services, he sought to address such problems through the school program itself. Morris and the staff emphasized the uniqueness of each student and focused on preparing them for the realities of life after leaving Pine Mountain. Staff restructured the curriculum and with the help of students, re-wrote texts. First year students were given a survey course covering all areas of learning offered by the school. Second year students managed the cooperative store, sold shares, kept accounts, stocked shelves, and analyzed the nutritional value of foods sold. Third year students studied community life in the classroom and served as aides to health workers, teachers, and recreation workers. The fourth year was spent in intensive preparation for the work each student planned to pursue after finishing at Pine Mountain. Students also shared in the making and enforcing of rules governing student life through an elected Citizenship Committee.

This approach continued throughout the Glyn Morris years and to a large extent the administrations of William D. Webb, 1942-44 and H.R.S. Benjamin, 1944-49. However, during the 1940s, the school began suffering acute financial problems, which eventually led to its coming under the direction of the Berea College Board of Trustees. With the end of the boarding program in 1949, Pine Mountain became part of the Harlan County school system.

During the directorship of Burton Rogers (1949-1972, Pine Mountain recruited and housed teachers, provided facilities and organized extracurricular activities for Harlan County children and young people. Settlement School staff started a preschool program, “The Little School” in 1963. A medical program continued until 1960, and later, space was provided for clinics run by the Harlan County Health Department and the Frontier Nursing Service.

In the 1960s the county school system decided that a larger public school would be built several miles from the Pine Mountain campus. In assessing facilities, capabilities, interests and educational needs of the day, Pine Mountain staff and the Board of Trustees concluded that they would begin to focus primarily on environmental education. Under the directorship of Alvin Boggs (1973-1983) formal programming began with school land used as the primary classroom. Programs are offered for adults as well as school-age groups. The School also hosts retreat groups, church camps and civic organizations, and has sponsored such special programs as a class for emotionally disturbed children, an annual Christmas play, and a number of short courses and workshops.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

These are records and photographs documenting the founding, administration, work, and activities of the Pine Mountain Settlement School, Harlan County, Kentucky, 1864-1984.

Subject/Index Terms

Education -- Kentucky -- Harlan County
Harlan County (Ky.) -- History.
Pine Mountain Settlement School (Pine Mountain, Ky.).
Rural schools -- Kentucky -- History.

Administrative Information

Repository: Berea College Special Collections and Archives Catalog

Alternate Extent Statement: 6.0 linear feet

Access Restrictions: Records and photographs can be accessed through the Reading Room, Berea College Special Collections and Archives, Hutchins Library, Berea College.

Use Restrictions:

Regarding records contained in the collection:

Pine Mountain Settlement School records were collected and organized in 1982.  Those having administrative, legal or historical value were microfilmed at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives and all then returned to Pine Mountain.  The resultant microfilm master negative is owned by Berea College. A user copy is available for researchers.  Berea College does not own the copyright for the manuscripts or printed documents included in this microfilm edition. Therefore, it is the researcher’s responsibility to secure permission to publish from Pine Mountain Settlement School or its successors and assigns.  Due to the personal information they contain, some records such as student and personnel records may be RESTRICTED.

Regarding photographs in the collection:

Pine Mountain Settlement School photographs were organized and copied in 1985.  The copy negatives and a set of copy prints are owned by Berea College. A second set of copy prints and all originals were returned to Pine Mountain Settlement School.  Permission has been granted by Pine Mountain Settlement School for Berea College to reproduce all or part of the school’s photographs and to use them in slide or film presentations, display them or loan them for display, and to allow their use by researchers for reproduction and publication. The proper credit line for all of the above uses shall be, “Pine Mountain Settlement School Photographic Collection, Berea College Southern Appalachian Archives.” Records and photographs can be accessed through the Reading Room, Berea College Special Collections and Archives, Hutchins Library, Berea College.

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Preferred Citation: [Object identification], Pine Mountain Settlement School Records, Berea College Special Collections & Archives, Berea, KY.

Processing Information: The original guide to the collection was compiled and written by William C. Richardson, Archivist/Director.  Project staff for Part A: Selected Records included: Mary Zimmeth (Archivist/Director), Diana L. Hays (Assistant Archivist), and student archivists Vivian L. Hensley, J. Shepherd Speight, and Ele Workman. Project staff for Part B: Selected Photographs included: William C. Richardson (Archivist/Director), Shannon H. Wilson (Assistant Archivist), Patricia N. Ayers (Project Photographer) and student assistants Key Ho Lee, Sujatha Thampi, Laura J. Wilson, and Kevin D. Martin.

Finding Aid Revision History: The finding aid was updated in November 2015.

Other Note: BCA 0042 SAA 042

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Part:

[Part A: Selected Records],
[Part B: Selected Photographs, 1864-1984],

Part A: Selected RecordsAdd to your cart.
Series 1: Board of Trustees, Minutes and Reports, 1913-83Add to your cart.
This series is comprised of the official documentation of the Board of Trustees collected in 1983 from the Pine Mountain Settlement School and also from Willis D. Weatherford, chairman of the PMSS Board. The record dating from 1949 to 1983 is of particular importance since it is the most comprehensive file in the collection documenting the administrations of Burton Rogers (1949-73) and Alvin Boggs (1973-83). The series is arranged chronologically and includes minutes, directors and treasurer’s reports, meeting notices, and staff reports. All years from 1913-83 are documented to some extent except for 1916, 1929, 1922-23, 1925-26, 1929, 1932, 1935, and 1937. The record up to 1949 should be researched in conjunction with the other Board of Trustees documentation located in Series 2: Director’s Office Files, 1913-49. Specifically, this includes Board of Trustees’ correspondence and some reports which are not part of Series I. (For other information on the program at Pine Mountain Settlement School, post 1949, see Series 4: Library Files, 1913-83.)
Reel 70Add to your cart.
Minutes and Reports, 1913-69, (3 Notebooks), 1970-80, 1981-83
Series 2: Director's Office Files, 1911-49Add to your cart.
This series consists of administrative files of PMSS directors: Katherine Pettit (1913-30), Ethel DeLong Zande (1913-28), Angela Melville (Associate Director, 1928-30), Hubert Hadley (1930-31), Evelyn K. Wells (Acting Director, 1931), Glyn Morris (1931-42), Arthur Dodd (Acting Director, 1942), William Webb (1942-44), and H.R.S. Benjamin (1944-49). This series is divided into two subseries: Correspondence, 1916-49 and Subject Files, 1911- 49.
Sub-Series A: Correspondence, 1916-49Add to your cart.
The correspondence files are arranged first by years and then by alphabet within that chronological arrangement (approximately 14 cubic feet of records). An additional correspondence file dating from 1916 through 1947 (approximately 1 cubic foot) follows the main file. For the most part, the correspondence deals with routine, daily administrative and operational details. This includes information on monetary donations, contributions of goods and services, publicity, physical plant, and staff. Correspondents include the staff of local businesses, foundations, other educational and social service institutions, and state and federal agencies. Also included are letters from members of the Board of Trustees. Despite the often-routine nature or this file, the record is nevertheless a good source of information on the philosophy, policies, and program of the school for the years 1916-49.
Reel 44Add to your cart.
A-Ma, c. 1916-18
Reel 45Add to your cart.

Ma-p, c. 1916-18

A-Medical, general, 1919

Reel 46Add to your cart.

Medical Settlement – Z, 1919

A-C, 1920

Reel 47Add to your cart.
D-Sc, 1920
Reel 48Add to your cart.

Se-Z, 1920

S-Ga, 1921

Reel 49Add to your cart.
Ga-p, 1921
Reel 50Add to your cart.

Q-Y, 1921

A-Ca, 1922

Reel 51Add to your cart.
Ce-Le, 1922
Reel 52Add to your cart.

Li-Z, 1922

A-Am, 1923

Reel 53Add to your cart.
Li-Z, 1922 A-Am, 1923
Reel 54Add to your cart.
Hi-Sw, 1923
Reel 55Add to your cart.

Stucky, Dr.-z. 1923

A-Q, 1924

Reel 56Add to your cart.

R-Z, 1924

A-Z, 1925

H-H, 1926

Reel 57Add to your cart.

I-Z, 1926

A-Z, 1927

A, 1928

Reel 58Add to your cart.

B-Z, 1928

A-Z, 1929

A-B, 1930

Reel 59Add to your cart.

C-Z, 1930

A-W, 1931

A-D, 1932

Reel 60Add to your cart.

E-Z, 1932

A-O, 1933

Reel 61Add to your cart.

P-Z, 1933

A-Z, 1934

A-B, 1935

Reel 62Add to your cart.

C-Z, 1935

A-S, 1936

Reel 63Add to your cart.

T-Z, 1936

A-Z, 1937

A-M, 1938

Reel 64Add to your cart.

N-Y, 1938

A-Y, 1939

A-Y, 1940

A-D, 1941

Reel 65Add to your cart.

E-Z, 1941

A-Z, 1942

A-W, 1943

Reel 66Add to your cart.

A-W, 1944

A-Y, 1945

A-H, 1946

Reel 67Add to your cart.

J-Y, 1946

A-W, 1948

A-Y, 1949

Reel 68Add to your cart.

Pine Mountain Road, 1916-38

Soes, 1919

Meldrum and Meldrum, 1920

Lucy Underwood, 1920

Pettit, 1923-29

May Stone, 1923-26

Hindman Settlement School, 1924-25

Girl Scouts, 1924-25

Antioch College, 1925-33

Delta Sigma Sorority, 1927-47

Frontier Nursing Service, 1925-34

Reel 69Add to your cart.

Conference of the Southern Mountain Workers, 1926-44

DAR, 1926-47

Athletic Department, 1927-31

Ballad Book Copyright, 1927-31

Ballad Book Copyright, 1927-28

Beta Sigma Omicron Sorority, 1928-47

Texas Trip, Angela Melville, 1929

Oma Creech Fund, 1930-34

Marchbank Press, 1930-33

Hopkinson Loan Fund, 1931-40

Speakers, Requests for, 1931-32

Jean Thomas (American Folk Society), 1932

Southern Mountain Handicraft Guild, 1932-42

McKemy Memorial Gift Fund, 1933-37

Helen Dingman, 1933

Alec Day Fund, 1933

Allen Eaton and Doris Ulmann, re Photographs for Eaton’s Book, 1933

Beta Sigma Omicron, 1934-36

Fireside Industries, 1934-45

Dorothy Bolles Memorial Fund, 1935-36

G. F. Mansell & Co., 1935

Country Dance Society, 1937-42

National Folk Festival, 1938-40

Folk Dance Festivals, 1930-41

Summer Camp, 1938

Kiwanis Camp. 1938, 1944

Ormsbee Robinson (Associated Junior Work Camps), 1939-41

Junior Work Camp, 1941

Guidance Institute, 1942

Sore Throat Epidemic, 1942

Helen DeLong Book Collection, 1942

Sigma Phi Gamma Sorority, 1945

Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, 1946-47

Sub-Series B: Subject Files, 1911-49Add to your cart.
This subseries consists of correspondence, reports, minutes and publications which are arranged in the following broad subject categories: 1) Incorporation Data, 1913; 2) Board of Trustees, 1917-49 (see also Series I); 3) Staff and Committees, 1918-49; 4) Community Extension Centers, 1919-48; 5) Financial Records, c. 1916-49; 6) Personnel Records, c. 1913-49; 7) Physical Plant, 1916-49; 8) Programs / Special Events, 1917-45 (see also Series IV); 9) Publicity / Fundraising, 1911-49; 10) Rules and Regulations, c. 1920’s-40’s; and 11) Students, 1913-46. In all, this is approximately 15 cubic feet of records. There is some documentation in the personnel files that dates post-1949; yet, the overall emphasis throughout the file is on philosophy, policies, educational and social service programs, students and staff of the 1913-49 period. Of particular interest is the documentation of the curriculum, including course syllabi, and information on the medical settlement at Big Laurel and Line Fork. Also included is documentation of the crafts industries (financial ledgers, 1926-33), student enrollment 1916-30, and alumni statistics, 1927-46.
Reel 72Add to your cart.

Articles of Incorporation (copy), c.1913

Incorporation Data: Site Proposal (copy), c. 1913

Conveyance of Land to PMSS, William and Sallie Creech (copy), c.1913

By-laws, 1947

Board of Trustees, 1913-49

Executive Committee Reports to Board of Trustees, 1917-18, n.d.

Director’s Reports to the Board

: Hubert Hadley, 1930-31

: Glyn Morris, 1931-42

: Arthur Dodd, 1942

: William Webb, 1943-44

: H. R. S. Benjamin, 1944-49

Survey of PMSS, Survey Results, 1949

Annual Reports to the Board of Trustees, 1935-42

Board Meetings, Minutes, 1913-48

Board Correspondence, 1918-24

Reel 73Add to your cart.
Board Correspondence, 1925-32
Reel 74Add to your cart.
Board Correspondence, 1932-39
Reel 75Add to your cart.
Board Correspondence, 1939-42
Reel 76Add to your cart.

Board Correspondence, 1942-49

Staff Meetings, Minutes and Reports, 1918-36

Reel 77Add to your cart.

Staff Meetings, Minutes and Reports, 1937-49

Staff Memos, c. 1931-38

Staff Schedules, c. 1937-38

Curriculum / Curriculum Committee, 1928-49

Kentucky Board of Education, Correspondence re: Accreditation, 1928-39

Vocational Guidance Program, Proposal, 1928

University of Kentucky, Correspondence re: Curriculum, 1936-37

Educational Temperatures, Evaluation of PMSS, 1938

Evaluation of PMSS, 1939

“General Statement of History and Philsophy of PMSS for Members of the Staff,” 1948

Accreditation Reports, 1940-48

Education Programs, Correspondence, 1939-49

“A Staff Report…Practical Application of Labor, Academic & Group Relations,” Glen LaRue, 1944

Survey, Need for Post-High School Educational Institution In Harlan County, c. 1940s

Harlan County Guidance Institute, 1947

Curriculum Committee, Minutes and Reports, 1939-48

Curriculum, Course Syllabi, c. 1934-41

Cooperative Plays, 1930s-40s

Catalogs of PMSS, c.1938-45

Reel 78Add to your cart.

Committees/Staff Information, 1932-49

Citizenship Committee, Minutes and Reports, 1932-40

Attitudes Committee, Minutes and Reports, 1938

Committee on the Future of PMSS, Minutes and Reports, 1938

Community Group, Minutes and Reports, 1938-42

Teacher Meetings, Minutes, 1938-41

Staff Reactions to Organized Church Membership at PMSS, 1940

Church Committee, Minutes and Reports, 1946-47

“Recommendations for a Religious Program in Pine Mountain Community,” Vladimir Hartman, CSM, 1946

Job Analyses, 1941-44

Labor Program Awards, 1941-48

Reel 79Add to your cart.

Work Supervision Committee, Minutes and Reports. 1944-49

Kitchen Reports, B. Bishop (Dietitian), 1944-46

Grounds Department, Minutes and Reports, 1947-49

Committees, Miscellaneous, 1930s-40s

Community Extension Centers, 1919-48

Community Extension Work, 1919-32

Line Fork Settlement Documentation, 1920-41

Big Laurel Settlement Documentation, c.1923, 1927-40

Reel 80Add to your cart.

Medical and Health Care, Correspondence, 1923-37

Pine Mountain Health Association, 1934-39

Medical and Health Care, Correspondence, 1940, 1944-48

Credit Union Documentation, 1924-25

Red Cross Aid, Correspondence and Questionnaires, 1931

“Itinerant Teacher,” Correspondence, 1938

“Little Schools,” Reports, 1945-46

Financial Records, c. 1916-49

Bequests and Estates, c. 1930-42

Bookkeeping Procedures/Office Management, 1913-15, 1947

Contract, Between PMSS and Joe Wilson Family, 1940

General Ledger, 1916-20

Reel 81Add to your cart.

General Ledger, 1916-20 (continued)

General Journal (2 volumes), January 1916-January 1920

Purchase Journal, January 1916-June 1920

Cash Journal (2 volumes), July 1919-July 1920

Cash Disbursements Journal, November 1916-July 1917

Cash Receipts Journal, January 1916-January 1918

Reel 82Add to your cart.

Cash Receipts Journal, January 1916-January 1918 (continued)

Student Journal, February 1918-July 1920

Receipts and Disbursements (2 volumes), Fireside Industries, 1926-33

Audit Reports, 1922-35, 1938, 1940-41, 1944-47, 1948

Reel 83: RESTRICTEDAdd to your cart.
Personnel: A-Br, c. 1913-49
Reel 84: RESTRICTEDAdd to your cart.
Personnel: Br-Ch, c. 1913-49
Reel 85: RESTRICTEDAdd to your cart.
Personnel: Cl-Fl, c. 1913-49
Reel 86: RESTRICTEDAdd to your cart.
Personnel: Fo-Ho, c. 1913-49
Reel 87: RESTRICTEDAdd to your cart.
Personnel: Hu-L, c.1913-49
Reel 88: RESTRICTEDAdd to your cart.
Personnel: M-Pal, c. 1913-49
Reel 89: RESTRICTEDAdd to your cart.
Personnel: Par-She, c.1913-49
Reel 90: RESTRICTEDAdd to your cart.
Personnel: Shi-Tr, c. 1913-49
Reel 91: RESTRICTEDAdd to your cart.
Personnel: Tu-Wi, c. 1913-49
Reel 92: RESTRICTEDAdd to your cart.

Personnel: Wo-Z, c. 1913-49

Applications: Teachers for Branch Schools, 1923-34

: Preachers, 1923-27

: Housemothers, 1928-32

: Farmer, 1929-31

: Director, Frank Page, 1931

: Laurel House, 1931-32

: Secretary, 1931-32

: Summer Workers, 1931-32

: Teachers, A-B, 1929-32

Reel 93: RESTRICTEDAdd to your cart.

: Teachers, C-Z, 1929-32

: Volunteers, 1931-32

: Nurse, 1932-34

: General, 1930-49

: Personnel Agencies, 1926-36

Salary Policy Study, 1945

Reel 94Add to your cart.

Physical Plant, 1916-49

Buildings and Grounds, Reports, 1916-26

Zande House, Correspondence, 1926-28

Open House, Correspondence, 1927, n.d.

Reservoir, Correspondence, 1937-39

Electric Power, Correspondence, 1928-42

Industrial Building, Correspondence, 1935-37

Laurel House, 1940-41 (Includes information on fire)

West Wind Building, Correspondence, 1940-41

Farm, Correspondence and Reports, 1941-49

Fire Protection, 1943-48

Equipment: Acquisition, Lists, Needs, 1943-48

Government Surplus Property, Inquiries and Property Secured 1945-49

Repairs, 1944-49

Road Construction/Improvements, Efforts to Secure, 1944-48

Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation (REA), 1946-49

Sawmill, Purchase of, 1946-47

Utilities Systems, 1943-48

Reel 95Add to your cart.

Programs / Special Events, 1917-45

Community Fairs, 1917, 22, 1929-32

Community Day, 1938

Pageant on PMSS, by Grades 5-8, 1919

Christmas Programs, c. 1932

Christmas, Mummers’ Plays, 1940

May Day, c. 1923-49

Commencement Programs, c. 1925-45

Aunt Sal’s Day, 1931

Sunday Evening Prayers, 1935-40

Stage Productions, 1936-42

Silver Jubilee, 1938

Creech Centennial, 1945

Publicity / Fundraising, 1911-49

Publicity, c. 1913-20, n.d.

Fundraising, Reports of Evelyn Wells, 1921-23

Publicity, 1930s Fundraising / Publicity, Alice Cobb, 1944-48

PMSS Newsletters, 1913-19, 1927

Pine Mountain Messenger, 1922

Worker’s Notes, c. 1940

Reel 96Add to your cart.

PMSS Newsletters, 1945-49

Announcements, Closing of School, 1949

Historical Sketches of PMSS, 1911-35

Correspondence (includes letters from Edith Storer and Harriet Poe), c. 1911-49

Ide-Show Scripts, n.d. Rules/Regulations, 1920s-40s

Rules and Regulations: General, 1920s-40s

: Character and Citizenship, 1920s-40s

: Handbook for Workers and Visitors, n.d.

: Health, 1920s-40s

: Meals, 1920s-40s

: Workers and Housemothers, 1920s-40s

: Staff Handbooks

Students, 1913-46

List of Students, 1913-28

Enrollments and Housing, 1916-39

Student Questionnaire, c. 1928

Alumni Statistics on Graduates, 1927-46

Miscellaneous, Ballad and Folk Song Publications

Series 3: Student Records - RESTRICTED, 1919-49Add to your cart.
This series consists of the extant PMSS student records. It is by no means a complete record, especially for the years prior to 1930. There are a few instances where the record dates 1913-18 or post-1940, but such papers, usually in the form of correspondence, are few and negligible to the overall emphasis of the file. The record is divided into three groupings: 1) Students, c. 1919-30 (approximately 6 cubic feet); 2) Students, A-Z, c. 1930-49 (approximately 19 cubic feet); and 3) Miscellaneous Student Files, c. 1928-47 (1 cubic foot). For the most part, the individual student file is not located in more than one chronological grouping, but the researcher should check all three when searching for a particular name, especially if the student attended Pine Mountain Settlement School c. 1925-30. The detail and extent of the documentation varies within the series. The most comprehensive file (Students, A-Z, c. 1930-49) includes the following: 1) student application blanks which include birth dates, directory information, prior education, and references; 2) parent’s biographical and economic status reports, which include directory information, education, employment, religious affiliation, and reports of house / land ownership and other finances (these rather personal and detailed forms were not completed uniformly by all parents); 3) letters of academic progress written by students and sent to parents; 4) evaluations of students by their teachers and work supervisors; 5) reports of cumulative credits (Pine Mountain operated on a non-graded system from c. 1934-40’s; 6) achievement and IQ testing documentation; 7) health records. The record prior to 1930 consists of transcripts, correspondence, and billing statements sent to parents. The miscellaneous file at the end of the series are achievement testing and medical records.
Reel 5Add to your cart.

B-W, c. 1919-25

A-Z, 1928-29

A-W, 1928

B-W, 1928

A-W, 1929 Student Requests to Go Home, 1930

Work Schedules and Evaluations, 1930

A-Ba, c. 1919-30

Reel 6Add to your cart.
Be-Couch, Dillard, c. 1919-30
Reel 7Add to your cart.
Couch, Mary Ann-Hi, c. 1919-30
Reel 8Add to your cart.
Ho-Med, c. 1919-30
Reel 9Add to your cart.
Met-Scott, Henry and Creed, c. 1919-30
Reel 10Add to your cart.
Scott, Ida Mae-Smith, Loretta, c. 1919-30
Reel 11Add to your cart.

Smith, Onas-Z, c. 1919-30

A-W, 1929-32

Miscellaneous Lists, 1927-48

A-Baker, Arlee

Reel 12Add to your cart.
Baker, Arlee-Belcher, Margie
Reel 13Add to your cart.
Belcher, Owen-Blanton, Clyde
Reel 14Add to your cart.
Blanton, Jack-Boggs, Shirley
Reel 15Add to your cart.
Boggs, Woodrow-Burkhart, Jane
Reel 16Add to your cart.
Burkhart, Luther-Centers, Lester C
Reel 17Add to your cart.
Centers, Lester C.-Collins, Theodore
Reel 18Add to your cart.
Collins, Theodore-Cornett, William
Reel 19Add to your cart.
Cornett, Willie-Creech, Sue Ellen
Reel 20Add to your cart.
Creech, Sue Ellen-D
Reel 21Add to your cart.
Reel 22Add to your cart.
Reel 23Add to your cart.
Gilliam-Hall, Herbert
Reel 24Add to your cart.
Hall, Herrbert-Hayes, Paul
Reel 25Add to your cart.
Hayes, Sylven-Holmes. Celia
Reel 26Add to your cart.
Holmes, Lania-Hughes, Charles
Reel 27Add to your cart.
Hughes, Paul-Jones, Nadine
Reel 28Add to your cart.
Jones, Nell-Lewis, Bennett
Reel 29Add to your cart.
Lewis, Bertha-Lewis, Una
Reel 30Add to your cart.
Reel 31Add to your cart.
Reel 32Add to your cart.
Mo-Noe, Gladys
Reel 33Add to your cart.
Noe, Juanita-Percival
Reel 34Add to your cart.
Reel 35Add to your cart.
Ro-Shepherd, Estill
Reel 36Add to your cart.
Shepherd, Hobart-Spencer, Janice
Reel 37Add to your cart.
Spencer, Mona-Taylor, Claude
Reel 38Add to your cart.
Taylor, Clyde-Turner, Chistopher
Reel 39Add to your cart.
Turner, Curtis-Wak
Reel 40Add to your cart.
Wal-Wilder, Wilbur
Reel 41Add to your cart.

Wilder, William-Y

Miscellaneous Student Files, c. 1929-47 RESTRICTED

Students, B-S, 1928-45

Achievement Tests, A-W, 1929-30

Reel 42Add to your cart.

Achievement Testing, Report, 1929

Testing at PMSS, 1926

Medical Records, 1927

Medical Records, A-V, 1942-47

Reel 43Add to your cart.
Medical Records, V-Z, 1942-47
Series 4: Library Files, 1911-83Add to your cart.

The PMSS library houses a particularly rich collection of documents, papers, letters and printed material (approximately 4 cubic feet). A significant portion of this is in the form of publications and includes the following: 1) “Notes from the PMSS,” 1919-53, 1974-82, a very informative source of anecdotes about school life; 2) student publications such as the “Pine Cone,” “Conifer,” “Ears,” and “Enterprise” (various years); 3) two scrapbooks (1919-72) filled with leaflets, pamphlets and programs relating to fundraising activities, May Day celebrations, Commencements, Chapel services, community fairs, and also including school catalogs, rule books and similar publications; 4) pamphlets on the Co-op (1938-39) and Guidance Institutes (late 30’s- early 40s); 5) printed programs and announcements on the various events of the Pine Mountain Environmental Education Center (1970-present); 6) several scrapbooks and folders containing magazine and news clippings (1919- present) of PMSS activities, including fund-raising, tours by student performers, activities of the founders, programs at PMSS, and anecdotes about life at PMSS. This series also consists of personal letters by Katherine Pettit, Ethel DeLong Zande, Margerite Butler, Evelyn Wells, Katherine Rittenhouse (all staff members); members of the Creech family and a great number of other former workers and students. This correspondence covers the period 1911-40 and provides a wealth of anecdotal history of the founding and early history of the PMSS. Also, a great deal of information can be gathered from official records, comprehensive reports and summaries which describe activities at the school between 1913-41 and a collection of annual and interim reports to the Board of Trustees (1913-73).

Documentation of the academic program includes a music project developed by Golda Pensol around 1950, a ceramics program active in 1965-66, the accounts of activities of two environmental studies groups, one from Berea College and one from the Morton (Illinois) Arboretum, and a collection of stories and poems by third and fourth graders in 1969. There are also documents related to industrial courses taught in 1936-37 and a proposal for an emotionally disturbed children’s project. Material related to student activities include documents of Christmas programs, dramas and music (1920’s to 1940’s); other student pageants and plays performed in various years, 1919-69; a mimeographed collection of ballads sung in school activities; and a student survey of religious attitudes.

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Alumni and Friends Association, 1974-81

Articles of Incorporation, 1913

Buildings (Mary Rockwell Hook, 1916-40

Bulletins to Board, 1941

Centennial of Uncle William, 1945

Chang Survey, 1951

Children’s Writings, 1969

Citizenship Committee, 1930s-40s

Commencement Programs, 1948, 1966-71

Cooperatives, 1941

Creech Family, 1913, 1972-73

Dramatics, Pine Mountain Pageants and Plays, 1919, 1930, 1969, n.d.

Pine Mountain Ears, 1953

Junior Enterprise, n.d. Earth Day, c. 1970’s

Educational, 1936, 1941

Emotionally Disturbed Children Project, 1975

Environmental Education, Events and Programs, 1972-1983

Extension Center, 1930

Folksong and Ballads Fortieth Anniversary, 1953

Giffin, R., People of the Pine Mountain School District, 1950

Guest Record, 1943-57

Guidance Institutes, 1935-39

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Guidance Institutes, 1940-42

Historical Letters

: Margerite Butler, 1914-22, 1969-70

: Children, 1914-25

: Founding of the School, 1911-13

: Shepherd Travelogue, 1938

: Hanby Letter, 1973

: Letters, Notes, Miscellaneous, 1913-70

: Catherine Rittenhouse, 1914

: Evelyn Wells, 1915-27

Historical Writings

: Mabel Mullin’s Memories of Miss Gains, 1980

: Paper by Blanche Rannels, 1924

PMSS; A Record, 1913-41

: Writings, Lyttle , Lewis, n.d.

McKaye, Percy and Marion: Articles, 1946

Magazine and News Clippings 1916-[1968]

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Magazine and News Clippings, 1936-80

Morris, Glyn: Articles, Speeches, Bibliography, 1939-42

Morton Arboretum Visit, 1974

Music Project, Golda Pensol, n.d.

Notes from the Pine Mountain Settlement School, 1913-53, 1974-82

Pettit, Katherine

: Letters and Notes, 1911-36

: Recognitions and Articles, 1936, n.d.

Pine Cone, 1930-49, 1955-64, 1969

Pottery: Philosophy and Planning, 1965-66

: Salt Glazing, Letters and Firing Records, 1965-66

Preschool, 1963-66, 1971

Publicity Letters, 1913

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Publicity Letters, 1914-49, 1963-75

Religion: A Student Survey, late 1940s

Reports to Board of Trustees, 1913-73

Reunion, 1963

Alumni List, c. 1974

Road, 1922

Scrapbook, 1913-39, 1940-72

Silver Jubilee, 1938

Student Evaluation of Environmental Weekend, 1981

Zande, Ethel de Long: Articles, 1913, n.d.


Christmas. Documentation (on) Activities, Programs, Music, 1920s-40s

Mummer’s Play, 1948

Dance Music, c. 1930s-40s

Pine Cone, 1930

Conifer 1941-49

A Pine Mountain Study in Civics, 1937

Consumer’s Cooperative Store, 1939

Finding of the Pine Mountain Guidance Institute, 1939

Pine Mountain Bulletin, c. 1939

Experiences in Consumer Cooperation, 1940-41

We Came to Pine Mountain, 1941-42

“A Year of Song,” Pine Mountain Calendar, 1952

The Green Book: Teaching Ecological Concepts Outdoors, 1974

Health Survey of Harlan County, Kentucky, by the International Save the Children Fund of America, 1932

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